Site Champion®

An Automated SEO Strategy Shaped by Your Customers

Savvy digital marketers know that SEO is the name of the game when it comes to driving qualified traffic to your site. SLI Site Champion® complements your existing SEO strategy with dynamic SEO automation tools that leverage your visitor’s site search activity.

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Attract More Customers, Drive More Conversions

Site Champion® increases site traffic by helping shoppers find your products in search engines through increased keyword rankings using SEO automation.

SEO Automation Has Never Been This Easy

Site Champion® is the champion of automated SEO. Don’t worry about Google’s constant algorithm changes. We’ll take it from here.


Automated SEO Landing Pages with Quality Content
Crafting the perfect landing page is no walk in the park. Site Champion® automatically curates high-quality landing pages with content that continuously adapts according to shopper behavior.


Stay Ahead of Long-Tail Trends
SEO doesn’t have to be a guessing game. With Site Champion®, we make it easy to keep up with keyword trends using SEO automation to optimize content based on current keyword trends


  • Complements Existing SEO Efforts
    Spend less time on grueling keyword research and more time reaping the rewards of strong rankings.


  • Easily Monitor, Optimise and Control Your Pages
    Easily view the performance of your pages, optimise content and control which pages are active through the SLI Commerce Console.

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