SLI Mobile™

Revolutionary Mobile E-commerce Solutions On-The-Go

Mobile accounts for over half of all e-commerce traffic. Don’t ignore it. Our SLI mobile e-commerce solutions keep mobile top-of-mind to ensure your customers are just as happy shopping on their phones and tablets as they are on their desktops.

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Let Your Customers Shop Wherever. Whenever.

SLI’s mobile e-commerce software provides a streamlined user experience that makes shopping intuitive from any device.

All Hustle, No Hassle

Have big thumbs? We do too. Our mobile e-commerce software optimizes the mobile shopping experience for smaller screens and slower loading times while limiting the amount of typing required. On-the-go shopping just got a whole lot easier.

Autocomplete Mobile Site Search Suggestions
No one wants to type more than they have to. Our mobile site search technology will read your customer’s mind almost instantly.

Expandable Refinement Options
Let your customers filter their mobile site searches for more relevant results. Expandable refinement options save you valuable screen space.

Ongoing Mobile E-commerce Support
SLI Mobile™ is quick and painless to implement, but if you’ve got questions, we’ve got your back every step of the way.

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