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Learning Search

Advanced Search for E-commerce Sites

If customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they can’t buy it. That’s why SLI Learning SearchTM is key to your e-commerce success. The patented technology learns from visitors' site search activity and clickthroughs to deliver the most relevant results, so your customers find what they want quickly.

  • Power your site with the most relevant hosted site search technology to improve the shopping experience and increase conversions
  • Access reports and merchandising tools to track, understand and anticipate shopper demand
  • Work closely with your dedicated Customer Success Manager to get started quickly and easily

Powerful Functionality that Drives Conversions
Features like SLI Rich Auto CompleteTM decrease the time shoppers spend searching and increase the number of products visitors see, improving the odds of making a sale. Customers find the products they are looking for faster along with details they need to make a decision.

Connect Social with Commerce
SLI Systems bridges your e-commerce site and your social media efforts. Easily make blogs, videos and other non-product content searchable on your site, or let users "Like,” “Tweet” and “Pin” search result items to their networks.

Intuitive Merchandising & Reporting Console
The intuitive SLI Merchandising and Reporting Console allows you to plan and execute a variety of campaigns with the click of a mouse. SLI reports show granular data on customer shopping behavior so you can efficiently track progress of campaigns, plan merchandising and aid your pay-per-click advertising programs.

Join Our Secure Infrastructure
SLI Systems knows that keeping your e-commerce site up is critical. Our redundant triple-location hosting ensures the highest uptime and means your site is protected in any event. We serve tens of millions of search queries every day and can readily scale to meet the needs of your site during peak shopping seasons.

Download the Learning Search Product Brief.