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SLI for Content Sites

When users visit your site looking for information or other content, are you showing them what they’re looking for? There’s an incredible amount of content that’s online today, so you’re wasting time and money creating great content if your site visitors can’t find it. SLI’s learning technology delivers the most relevant results, helping users find any article or document quickly and easily. Our full-service merchandising console lets you easily manage articles, documents, blogs, social media posts, videos and more.

  • Create custom refinements to narrow down large groups of results to a manageable set
  • Define parameters for what content visitors can see, such as paid versus free content
  • Promote or demote content rankings as needed
  • Access comprehensive reports on top search keywords, time on site, clickthrough behavior and other metrics

“Merchandise” Your Content
Easily manage what your users can see – promote, highlight and adjust content position within the search results based on your own defined options and rules. Additionally, add and manage the placement of banners on search results pages to highlight special activities or offers.

Mobile Optimization
SLI lets visitors access your content easily from any mobile device. Whether you have a pure mobile build or responsive web design templates, we’ll optimize our site search for smaller screens, limited typing functionalities and slower loading times.

Integration with Your Ad Server
SLI for Content Sites integrates with ad servers and allows you to place ads within your content to aid with revenue generation.

Secure Infrastructure
We know that keeping your site up is critical. Our redundant triple-location hosting ensures the highest level of uptime and means your site is protected in the event of traffic spikes or natural disasters. We index millions of search queries every day, and are scaled to meet your particular volume needs.

Download the SLI for Content Sites Product Brief.