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Learning Navigation

for E-commerce Sites

Learning Navigation® is an extension of SLI patented Learning Search® technology that makes it easier for site visitors to find the products they seek. Learning Navigation® dynamically builds site navigation pages and continually re-ranks products based on user behavior, showing the most relevant products higher on the page.

  • Provide site visitors with the most relevant products and the most consistent experience across both navigation and search experiences
  • Enable deeper reporting and merchandising across all of your navigation and search pages
  • Get up and running quickly and easily with the help of your dedicated customer success manager

Consistent User Experience Between Search & Navigation
By using a single approach for both search and navigation, you can ensure a consistent user experience for your visitors and your merchandising efforts. Access SLI’s full set of features to increase the number of products visitors see, let customers dive deep into your product selection and display details that buyers need to make a decision.

Search Engine Optimized
All SLI navigation pages are created with search-engine friendly URLs and have meaningful titles that accurately describe the contents of the pages so they can be crawled by Internet search engines to boost your site's page rank and refer more traffic. Merchandisers can modify page elements including URL, title, heading, description, metatags and banners, which all help fine tune pages for better search engine optimization.

Secure Infrastructure
SLI Systems knows that keeping your e-commerce site up is critical. Our redundant triple-location hosting ensures the highest level of uptime and means your site is protected in any event, such as seasonal or holiday traffic spikes or natural disasters. We serve tens of millions of search queries every day, and are scaled to meet your particular e-commerce volume needs.

Download the Learning Navigation Product Brief.