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August 29, 2014, Retail Online Integration

Case Study : Improved Site Search Helps Thompson & Morgan Grow Sales

August 27, 2014, Chain Store Age

Chalkfly leverages SLI search on responsive site

August 27, 2014, Internet Retailer

E-Commerce Retailer Chalkfly Launches Re-designed Website with SLI Systems Site Search

August 21, 2014, ChannelAdvisor

5 Takeaways from Insite Auckland 2014: What E-Commerce Retailers Should Know

August 20, 2014, Link My Fan

Global SaaS-based site search market dominated by Adobe Systems Inc., Celebros Inc., Nextopia Software Corp., and SLI Systems

August 15, 2014, Internet Retailing

Chemist Direct sees order values rise thanks to search

August 11, 2014, World News Network

SLI Systems Ranked #1 Cloud-based Search Provider to the IR Top 1000 Online Retailers SLI recognized as Software as a Service (SaaS) site search leader for the third consecutive year

August 5, 2014, Conversion XL

6 Essential Principles Of Designing a High Converting Site Search Experience

August 4, 2014, Retail Technology

Chemist Direct conversion rates soar with search technology

August 1, 2014, Power Retail

Dick Smith Reports Strong Growth Online with Enhanced Search Technology

July 31, 2014, Retail Times

Chemist Direct conversion rates soar following deployment of SLI Systems’ search technology

July 29, 2014, Business2Community

Convert More Visitors By Improving Your Internal Site Search

July 28, 2014, Business Reporter

Customer Focus: The blueprint for an excellent customer experience

July 23, 2014, Internet Retailing

Researching the customer experience

July 14, 2014, Internet Retailer

World Cup kicks up U.S. soccer-related online shopping 280%

July 8, 2014, Power Retail

E.L.F. Cosmetics Sees 40% Higher Conversion Rates On Mobile with SLI Systems

June 13, 2014, Internet Retailing


June 11, 2014, Econsultancy

SLI Systems Expands Global Footprint: Now Providing E-Commerce Acceleration Solutions in 14 Languages

June 11, 2014, MultiChannel Merchant

SLI Systems Announces the Expansion of Its Global Footprint at IRCE

June 11, 2014, World News Network

SLI Systems Expands Global Footprint: Now Providing E-Commerce Acceleration Solutions in 14 Languages

June 2, 2014, Retail Touch Points

10 Retailers Win 2014 Channel Innovation Awards

May 28, 2014, PerformanceIn

Kidrobot Turns to SLI Systems to Boost E-commerce Sales and Strengthen Brand Visibility

May 28, 2014, The YouMoz Blog

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Google Analytics with Site Search

April 28, 2014, Internet Retailing

Most UK brands aiming for omnichannel within 18 months: study

April 25, 2014, Net Imperative

Most retail brands 'to adopt omnichannel strategy within 18 months'

April 25, 2014, The Drum

83% of online retailers expect to implement an omnichannel strategy within the next 18 months

April 24, 2014, Figaro Digital

Editorial Article: SLI Connect Omnichannel Survey Results

April 17, 2014, Retail Touch Points

Kidrobot Quadruples Online Conversions With Improved Search Experience

April 4, 2014, Retail Online Integration

How Your Search Box Can Inform Marketing Strategy

March 24, 2014, MultiChannel Merchant

Kidrobot’s Ecommerce Traffic Rises 87%

March 14, 2014, Direct Marketing News

Revenue Opportunities Marketers Can't Afford to Miss

February 24, 2014, Mobile Marketer

Key tips for creating a user-friendly shopping experience for mobile consumers

February 22, 2014, Marketing Profs

The Biggest Missed Opportunities in Site Search [Infographic]

February 19, 2014, Retail Customer Experience

SLI Systems launches product recommendation engine

February 7, 2014, MultiChannel Merchant

4 Unique Ways to Increase Sales with Site Search Data

February 6, 2014, Retail Online Integration

How Your Search Box Can Inform Marketing Strategy

February 5, 2014, Retail Online Integration

Searching for Hypothetical Red Shirts on eBay and Amazon

January 31, 2014, MultiChannel Merchant

Pre-Super Bowl Shopping Patterns Showed Broncos-Seahawks Split

January 31, 2014, Retail Customer Experience

Can online shopping behavior pick the Super Bowl winner?

January 31, 2014, Internet Retailer

Fans mobilize for Super Bowl shopping

January 31, 2014,

Leverage Web Site Search as a Core Conversion Strategy


December 4, 2013, Mobile Marketing

Search Me

December 4, 2013, Josic

Study Reveals Interesting Facts about Site Search

December 2, 2013, NZ Business Podcast


December 2, 2013, Search Engine Watch

57% of Ecommerce Brands Don't Use Site Search in Marketing [Study]

November 26, 2013, Mixing Digital

Global Survey Highlights Missed Opportunity for Improving the ROI of Marketing Campaigns: Site Search

November 26, 2013, Maginus

Search & Merchandising to Increase your eCommerce ROI

November 25, 2013, Internet Retailer

Nearly half of e-retailers say they will improve site search in 2014

November 22, 2013, Internet Retailing

Infographic: GUEST COMMENT Increasing ROI with improved site search, navigation and merchandising: tuning up for the Christmas rush

November 20, 2013, Inside Retail

Retailers missing out on e-commerce marketing

November 20, 2013, eCommerce Outtakes

Is Your Ecommerce Search Lost in Translation?

November 18, 2013, Retail Week

Infographic: Missed opportunities for ecommerce marketers

November 14, 2013, Power Retail

Majority of E-Commerce Companies Not Leveraging Site Search Data – Study

November 13, 2013, Econsultancy

Global Survey Highlights Missed Opportunity for Improving the ROI of Marketing Campaigns: Site Search

November 8, 2013, CEO Blog Nation

A Unique Approach to Great Customer Service

October 31, 2013, IMRG

15 tips to enhance site search on mobile

October 30, 2013, UTALK Marketing

How the search box can increase marketing campaign effectiveness

October 25, 2013, Retail Online Integration

Combine Merchandising and Site Search to Convert More Holiday Shoppers

October 22, 2013, 1 to 1 Media

Tapping into Site Search Data for More Targeted Merchandising

October 18, 2013, The Marketing Blog

Four easy tips for getting more marketing mileage from your site search solution

September 30, 2013, Direct Marketing News

Get More Marketing Mileage from Your Site Search in 4 Easy Steps

September 29, 2013, Newsline

Redundancy – the backbone of eCommerce?

September 27, 2013, Figaro Digital

Making Site Search Perform

September 24, 2013, Huff Post Business

How Women Are Influencing the Future of eCommerce

September 18, 2013, New Media Knowledge

Lights, camera, action! Putting video to work in your site search

September 13, 2013, New Media Knowledge

Site search performance is all in the reporting

September 2, 2013, Netimperative

Top 10 tips: Create a great user experience to guide visitors to the ideal gift this Christmas

September 2, 2013, Econsultancy

Nine ways to use site search data for merchandising

August 27, 2013, MultiChannel Merchant

5 Ways Site Search Data Creates Better Merchandising

August 8, 2013, PerformanceIn

Bad Searches Are Everywhere

August 6, 2013, Retail TouchPoints

7 E-commerce Tips From Fast-Growing Fashion And Beauty Sites

July 29, 2013, Mobile Marketer

Increasing Stickiness on the Mobile Site with the Search Box

July 26, 2013, Retail Technology

STUDY: Search supports Boden growth

July 10, 2013, PR Newswire

SLI Systems Ranked Leading SaaS Site Search Provider to IR 500 and IR 1,000 Online Retailers

June 25, 2013, Retail Online Integration

How to Make Online Gift Buying a Cinch for Any Occasion

June 25, 2013, ExchangeWire

The Risks & Rewards of SaaS Technology

June 25, 2013, Internet Retailing

INTERNET RETAILING AWARDS Interview with Marcus Law of SLI Systems

June 10, 2013, Multichannel Merchant

SLI Systems' Shaun Ryan at IRCE 2013

June 4, 2013, eCommerce Outtakes

For Faceted Navigation, Follow These 5 Best Practices

May 20, 2013, MultiChannel Merchant

Use Site Search to Improve the Mobile Experience

May 6, 2013, Figaro Digital

Case Study: Lovehoney

Mar 28, 2013, Econsultancy

Give website visitors more choices via site search

Mar 28, 2013, Econsultancy

The Evolving Intersection Of Site Search, SEO, And Social Search: Why Marketers Should Care

Mar 26, 2013, Econsultancy

Ecommerce Site Search Evolves, without Google

Mar 11, 2013, Retail TouchPoints

Instead Of Re-Platforming, Revisit Your Site Search

Mar 7, 2013, Econsultancy

What fashion and beauty retailers can teach you about site search?

March 5, 2013, Internet Retailing

How site search data helped Lovehoney develop new 50 Shades of Grey range

Feb 27, 2013, Marketing Week

Online and offline could be like two peas in a POP

Feb 27, 2013, Retail Technology

Lovehoney launch boosted by site search

February 20, 2013, Multichannel Merchant

How to Design Beautiful Online Shopping Experiences

February 20, 2013, eCommerce Bytes

Different Opinions about Google's Commerce Search Exit

February 19, 2013, Internet Retailer

Google will phase out Google Commerce Search

Feb 7, 2013, Ragtrader

Research reveals formula for etail success

Feb 7, 2013, Power Retail

SLI Systems Reveals Online Fashion Innovation in Webinar and Industry Brief

Feb 7, 2013, Retailbiz

E-tailers lead in site search best practices

Feb 2, 2013, Internet Retailing

Improve and enhance site search to boost conversions and customer satisfaction

Jan 31, 2013, Power Retail

SLI Systems Receives $1M Investment Boost from Trade Me’s Sam Morgan

Jan 9, 2013, Econsultancy

Are SEO keywords 'hiding' in site search data?

Jan 4, 2013, Internet Retailing

What does 2013 hold for ecommerce retailers?


Dec 31, 2012, Internet Retailer

How to cash in with site search

Dec 18, 2012, Retailbiz

Traffic attraction: Top priority for 2013

Dec 14, 2012, Internet Retailer

Site search, SEO and mobile commerce are top priorities for U.K. retailers

Dec 14, 2012, Econsultancy

10 interesting digital stats we've seen this week

Dec 14, 2012, Power Retail

Australian and New Zealand Retailers Reveal 2013 E-Commerce Priorities

December 13, 2012, eCommerce Bytes

Pre-Holiday SEO Tweaks Popular in Ecommerce

December 13, 2012, eCommerce Circle

Mobile Shopping Trends Increasingly Influenced By Older Consumers This Holiday Season – And Beyond

December 13, 2012, Figaro Digital

Optimise Site Search for More Conversions and Happy Customers

Dec 12, 2012, Computer Business Review

Global e-commerce sales to cross $1.25tn in 2013: survey

Dec 12, 2012, Econsultancy

63% of website owners say improving conversions is the biggest challenge

Dec 12, 2012, Daily Deal Media

Will Retailers Survive the 2013 Push for Mobile Commerce?

Dec 11, 2012, Media Post

Where Brands Will Invest Online In 2013

Dec 4, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

3 Ways to Merchandise via Site Search

Nov, 30, 2012, Mobile Marketer

Hyperlocal ads are linchpin to holiday mobile search success

November 29, 2012, Figaro Digital

Keep Pace with Mobile Search Innovations

November 15, 2012, Econsultancy

Seven ways to keep the mobile search experience fresh

November 8, 2012, Duct Tape Marketing

People Who Search Convert

Nov 7, 2012, Power Retail

Mobilising Site Search: Trends, Tips & Techniques

November 7, 2012, Econsultancy

Site Search: Install, Optimise and Maintain

Nov, 5, 2012, Retail Technology

Stanfords’ site search improves conversions

Nov 1, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

Things Look Brighter for Carolina Rustica

Nov 1, 2012, Retail Online Integration

9 Ways to Drive More Visitors to Search — and Convert — During the Holidays

Oct 30, 2012, Internet Retailer

E-retailers roll with Sandy's punches

Oct, 25, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

How Effective Site Search Can Boost Sales

Oct, 24, 2012, Retailbiz

Bringing the conversation to you

Oct, 24, 2012, Power Retail

Utilising the Search Tool for Relevant Content

Oct, 10, 2012, Power Retail

The Power of Infallible Navigation - Guiding Conversion: Part Two

Oct, 4, 2012, Mobile Marketer

Making mobile sites more search-friendly

Oct 01, 2012, Website Magazine

Engage Shoppers with Enhanced Site Search

Oct, 2, 2012, Retail Technology

Is your website speedy enough for customers?

Oct, 1, 2012, Power Retail

The Power of Infallible Navigation - Guiding Conversion: Part One

September 14, 2012, Adotas

Site Search and the Secret to Great SEO Keywords

September 11, 2012, Econsultancy

How can you make the best use of site search data?

Aug, 24, 2012, Internet Retailer

Internet Retailer Top1000 Vendor Ranking

Aug 23, 2012, Retail TouchPoints

Motorcycle Superstore Boosts Conversions With Improved Online and Mobile Search

Aug, 11, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

3 Ways to Manage the Complexity of Site Search

July, 31, 2012, Electronic Retailer Association

Direct Download, Best Practice Brief: Is Your Site Search Too Slow? Here's How to Fix It, By Terry Costa
Find this and other great articles in Electronic Retailer Association's Knowledge Center Newsletter

July, 13, 2012, Business Insider

Do You Have A Search Engine On Your Website? Here’s Why You Should!

July, 10, 2012, Power Retail

Transplanting the In-store Experience to the Online Environment

July, 06, 2012, Internet Retailer

Searching for a good time

July, 04, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

4 Ways to Make Search Results Page More Engaging

July 01, 2012, Website Magazine

Make Your Retail Website Stickier

June, 20, 2012, CNN Money

5 entrepreneurs who chose to grow slow

June, 13, 2012, Experian QAS

Retail search boxes help identify 'customer sentiment'

June, 11, 2012, • TechNewsWorld/Ecommerce Times

'No Results' = 'No Reason to Stay': 8 Ways to Improve Your Site Search

June, 08, 2012, seo4anyone Blog

SLI mentioned as top 8 vendor that blew Matt Silvers from seo4anyone away at IRCE 2012

June, 01, 2012, Multichannel Merchant

10 Steps for Simple Search & Navigation

May, 15, 2012, WebProNews

How to Create a Fast-Loading E-commerce Site

May, 02, 2012, Internet Retailer

A 'floating' search bar boosts sales for American Bridal

April 24, 2012, Retail Online Integration

Tailor Site Search To Deliver More Personal Experiences, Regardless Of Device Being Used

April 4, 2012, Retail Online Integration

4 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Tablets

March 26, 2012, MultiChannel Merchant

SLI Systems Integrates Pinterest "Pins" With Site Search on

March 26, 2012, InternetRetailing

Boden aims to make it easier for international and mobile customers to find

March 22, 2012, Econsultancy

Site search and merchandising: seven key takeaways from Digital Cream

March 15, 2012, RetailTouchPoint

totes-ISOTONER Doubles Online Conversion Rates With Improved Search Functionality

March 14, 2012, PowerRetail

Testing for Success: Optimising Site Search for Conversions

March 9, 2012, InternetRetailing

Guest comment: A more effective approach to optimizing conversions

March 6, 2012, MultiChannel Merchant

Totes-Isotoner Doubles Conversion Rate and Revenue Per Visit

March 6, 2012, 1to1 media

5 Ways to Capture Customers Attention Online

March 1, 2012, Retail Customer Experience

Fashion brand Boden puts focus on search and navigation for traditional and mobile e-commerce

February 17, 2012, MobileCommerceDaily

IRWD 2012: Tablets and social to make impact on mobile commerce

February 15, 2012, Internet Retailer

IRWD 2012: U.S. Toy leverages site search across its brands

February 13, 2012, Retailbiz

Conversion Optimistion: testing for success

February 8, 2012, eM+C Magazine

Social Networking, Tablets Continue to Evolve E-Commerce Landscape

January 30, 2012, MultiChannel Merchant

Social and Mobile Channels Will Evolve in 2012

January 26, 2012, Marketing Profs

Seven Tablet and Mobile Trends to Expect in 2012

January 16, 2012, RetailTouchPoint

Chaparral Motorsports Boosts Facebook Revenue By 26% With Site Integration Solution

January 1, 2012, DM News

Motorcycle retailer delivers e-commerce navigation tool

> 2011
December 28, 2011, Mobile Commerce Daily

Optimize navigation and site search for your mobile audience

December 15, 2011, Retail TouchPoint

Socialize The Search Experience To Gain More Fans And Conversions

November 16, 2011, PowerRetail

Five Winning Site Search Tips to Increase Conversion

November 10, 2011, eM+C Magazine

Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 2

November 7, 2011, PowerRetail

The Online Concierge-Intelligent Site Search

November 3, 2011, eM+C Magazine

Streamline Site Navigation for Holiday Traffic, Part 1

September 27, 2011, Chain Store Age

Blend Social and User-Generated Content to Drive More Business Online

September 8, 2011, PowerRetail

Conversions on the Move: On-Site Search for M-Commerce

September 6, 2011, PowerRetail

Nearly Half of UK Fashion Shoppers Prefer Online Over High Street

September 2, 2011, Multichannel Merchant

As Holidays Approach, Fine-Tune Navigation for Conversion Boost

August 26, 2011, Retail Online Integration

Podcast: John Michael Santora of Abe's of Maine Discusses How Integrating Customer Reviews Brings Conversions

August 26, 2011, 60 Minutes

The Retail Revolution (Video)

August 25, 2011, PowerRetail

SLI Systems - Navigation Crucial to Reducing Site Abandonment

August 18, 2011, Internet Retailer uses site search to lead shoppers to its content

August 18, 2011, Internet Retailer

Site search proves the right fit for U.K. uniform e-retailer MyWorkwear

August 3, 2011, WebProNews

Test Site Search and Navigation Pages to Optimize Conversions

July 31, 2011, Internet Retailer

A Fruitful Dialogue

July 28, 2011, MarketingSherpa

B2C E-Commerce: Cross-linked internal searching eases customer confusion

July 27, 2011, MarketingSherpa

B2B E-commerce: Revamped online branding and cross-linked site search drives 17% of B2B revenue

July 27, 2011, Figaro Digital

Case Study: Outdoor Megastore

July 1, 2011, Internet Retailer

Motorcycle Superstore's site search drives up its conversion rates

June 27, 2011, Retail TouchPoint

Abe's Of Maine Increases Site Search And Reviews By 20%

June 20, 2011, Chain Store Age

Ahead of the Curve - Motorcycle Superstore drives toward m-commerce success

June 16, 2011, eContent

SLI Systems Unveils Conversion Optimizer

May 20, 2011, Catalog-Ebusiness

Mobilising M-commerce (Subscription Required)

May 5, 2011, Retail TouchPoint

Motorcycle Superstore Reports 6% Spike in Web Visits With Mobile Optimized Site

April 20, 2011, PowerRetail

Customizing Site Search To Enhance User Experience

April 13, 2011, Internet Retailer

MagnetStreet attracts sales with improved site search

April 13, 2011, Internet Retailer

Review-based navigation helps boost site search for

March 31, 2011, PowerRetail

The Mobile Movement

March 31, 2011, DIRECTMag

A blend to deliver a better brand experience

March 23, 2011, Marketing Magazine

Trending Up for 2011

March 16, 2011, PowerRetail

Site Search and They Will Find

March 16, 2011, Retail TouchPoint

5 Must-Have Features For Today's Online Retail

March 15, 2011, 1to1 media

The Secret to Increasing Sales and Retention

February 18, 2011, Direct Marketing News

Q&A: Shaun Ryan, CEO and cofounder, SLI Systems

February 16, 2011, Target Marketing

The Secret to Great SEO Keywords: Site Search

February 10, 2011, Search Engine Land

Search Marketing Is A Game of Resources

January 15, 2011, E-Commerce Times

Adjusting Sales Strategies for E-Commerce 2011

January 7, 2011, MarketingSherpaBlog

On-site Search: How to help your customers find what they want (to buy)


Catalog and Ebusiness - Mobilizing Mcommerce

> 2010
December 22, 2010, Marketing Magazine

It's never too late to prepare for the silly season

December 21, 2010, Mobile Commerce Daily

Motorcycle Superstore revs up mobile commerce initiatives

December 5, 2010, AuctionBytes

Five Things Online Merchants Should Know about Search

November 22, 2010, All About ROI

SLI Releases E-Retail Index

November 15, 2010, Retail TouchPoint

5 Last-Minute Ways To Optimize Online Holiday Shopping

November 15, 2010, MultiChannel Merchant

Tips to Refine and Streamline Your Site Search

November 10, 2010, Practical Ecommerce

SLI Systems CEO on Mobile Site Search

November 4, 2010, Scoop

NZ Tech Now Empowers Dilbert Website

November 3, 2010, Retailbiz

Technology meeting m-commerce demand

November 3, 2010, PowerRetail

SLI Systems launches new technology to help retailers meet m-commerce demand

November 1, 2010, Practical Ecommerce

Mobile Commerce with

October 28, 2010, MultiChannel Merchant

Century Novelty Launches Mobile Site

October 26, 2010, Internet Retailer

Century Novelty adds a mobile site in time for the holidays

October 12, 2010, Website Magazine

Merchants Go Mobile with SLI

October 12, 2010, E-Commerce Times

The M-Commerce Revolution Is Here

October 8, 2010, Internet Retailer

SLI Systems E-Retail Index Indicates Popular Search and Shopping Trends

October 5, 2010, MultiChannel Merchant

Site Search Refinements Can Improve Usability

August 26, 2010, 1to1 media

Consumers Are Ready for M-Commerce. Are you?

August 19, 2010, Internet Retailer

A fashion e-retailer refines its search results based on customer behavior

August 18, 2010, PowerRetail

The 'how to' of interpreting your site search data...

August 13, 2010, PowerRetail

The Benefits of UGC Part Two: Marketing

August 11, 2010, Internet Retailer

Karen Millen Drives Online Sales with SLI Systems

August 10, 2010, Marketing Profs

Eight Ways to Improve Your Site Search and Capture More Conversions

August 10, 2010, ComputingUK

Karen Millen to increase online sales with new search engine

August 9, 2010, Direct Marketing News

Consider these top marketing tips for SEO, PPC and more

August 5, 2010, Search Engine Land

Use All Your Data Insights To Improve Both Search & Customer Experience

August 3, 2010, ClickZ Uses Custom Search to Increase Revenue

August 1, 2010, Internet Retailer

Outside the Box

July 1, 2010, Internet Retailer

As you like it

June 21, 2010, Direct Marketing News

M-comm growth spurt

June 18, 2010, InternetRetailing

Guest comment: Converting the web browsers

June 17, 2010, E-Commerce Times

The Gaping Maw of the Brave New Mobile-Everything World

June 10, 2010, Retail TouchPoint

T Chicos Brands Latest To Connect Via Mobile As Research Points To Growth For Channel

June 10, 2010, Internet Retailer

Motorcycle Superstore revs up site search

June 9, 2010, Target Marketing

Ciena's Cory Reed on Improving Lead Generation Through Optimized Site Search and Analytics

June 7, 2010, Internet Retailer

Most e-retailers have yet to plan for m-commerce

June 4, 2010, SmartCompany

How to improve your internal site search to get more conversions

May 5, 2010, Search Engine Land

How To Choose The Right Site Search Solution

April 29, 2010, Internet Retailer

Site search must be streamlined on the mobile web, expert says

April 15, 2010, eM+C Magazine

5 Tips for Improving Your Site Visitors' Search Experiences

April 8, 2010, Retail TouchPoint

7 Tips to Optimize Site Search and Capture Higher Conversions

April 5, 2010, NetworkWorld

How to Improve Search on Your Web Site

April 1, 2010, Internet Retailer

Inside Search: Pop-ups, video buttons and color swatches can turn site search results into selling tools

March 29, 2010,

Integrate systems and share data to deliver a better, more-holistic customer experience

March 5, 2010, Retailbiz

Retailers use website technologies to improve user experience

March 5, 2010, Internet Retailer

Searchable user reviews boost Wine Enthusiast's traffic 5%

March 2, 2010, Marketing Magazine

Report says 2010 the year of video, mobile and social

March 2, 2010, Internet Retailer

New tricks, such as video and social sharing, add pizzazz to retailers' e-mail campaigns

March 2, 2010, Internet Retailer

Footwear Etc. boosts sales by using site search data to personalize e-mails

February 25, 2010, Internet Retailer

SLI Systems Launches Learning Search with AJAX to Improve and Quicken Site Search and Navigation Experience

February 22, 2010, Marketwire

SLI Systems Launches Learning Search With AJAX to Improve and Quicken Site Search and Navigation Experience

February 8, 2010, WebsideChats

How Good is Your Site Search?

January 29, 2010, Internet Retailer

Personalization Plus

January 15, 2010, E-Commerce Times

Integration and Analytics: The Online Shopper's Best Friend

January 8, 2010, Search Engine Land

The Convergence of Web Search & Site Search

> 2009
December 29, 2009, Website Magazine

Making Online Marketing Applications Work for You

November 30, 2009, eTailToday

Search, and they should find

November 4, 2009, RIS

Holy Grail of Marketing

October 30, 2009, Practical Ecommerce

The PeC Review: SLI Offers Superior Search

September 28, 2009, figaro digital

Case Study:

September 28, 2009, Direct Marketing News

Four ways to get more value from your site search

August 15, 2009, Internet Retailer

The Right Path

July 28, 2009, Marketing Profs

How a User-Focused Website Boosted Sales at Jelly Belly

July 21, 2009, Marketing Profs

Part 2: Add Rich Content to the Search Experience

July 1, 2009, silicon

Net Effect: Plus 10 tips on boosting your site's profile

June 17, 2009, Target Marketing

CruiserCustomizing's Tammie McKenzie on On-site Search

June 9, 2009, Marketing Profs

Part 1 - Improve Your Targeted Marketing

June 2, 2009, Internet Retailer

E-mails using images from site search drive 300% rise in sales at retailer

May 29, 2009, Search Engine Land

Keyword Research: Listen To Your Customers!

April 29, 2009, MarketingSherpa

How Jelly Belly Increased Revenue 200% with Long-Tail Keywords

April 29, 2009, E-Commerce Times

The Wide Open World of Web Site Search

April 14, 2009, Internet Retailer

How CoffeeForLess chooses tech to perk up conversion rates

April 13, 2009, Chain Store Age

Finding wedding favors becomes a piece of cake

April 6, 2009, MultiChannel Merchant

Carolina Rustica CEO Spills SEO Secrets

March 10, 2009, MultiChannel Merchant

Make Internal Site Search Work Better For You

February 5, 2009, DirectNews

Make Internal Site Search Work Better For You

January 9, 2009, Internet Retailer

Jelly Belly finds its sweet spot with a new e-commerce platform

January 1, 2009, Electronic Retailer

Integrating customer data across applications to deliver more targeted marketing messages and improved customer experience

January 1, 2009, Internet Retailer

Serving Up E-commerce