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SLI Systems Partner Program

The SLI Systems Referral Program offers a great opportunity to extend SLI's unique value proposition as an extension to your own solution, software application, or service, resulting in a comprehensive customer solution, and generating incremental revenue for your company along the way.

Our partners are leaders in their industries, typically selling their own products and services to a target market of mid- to large-sized e-commerce/retail website operators and to other corporate and publishing websites. SLI partners come from several technology segments, including Web Design/Development, E-Commerce Platform Providers, Complementary Application Providers, SEO/SEM consultants and agencies, and Web Analytics providers.

SLI Systems Partner Segments and Value Propositions

  • E-Commerce Platform Providers - For E-Commerce platform providers who want to deliver a great user experience on their clients' sites, SLI Systems provides Learning Search, which improves relevance, increases conversion rates, and helps to grow revenue. Unlike other site search solution providers, who sell expensive, high-maintenance solutions with poor relevance, SLI Systems delivers affordable, quick-to-implement search with deep reporting on user behavior, superior customer service, and a better customer experience.
  • Design and Development Shops - For web design and development companies who build customer-friendly websites, SLI Systems provides Learning Search, which allows site visitors to find what they are looking for quickly and with more relevant results. Unlike other site search solutions with high costs, limited features, and poor relevance, Learning Search from SLI Systems delivers the most popular results, leading to higher conversion, more revenue, and a better user experience.
  • Web Analytics Consultants - For companies providing services to help clients get value from their web analytics and help clients improve their websites' user experience, Learning Search from SLI Systems improves conversion rates, improves relevance, and increases revenue. Unlike other site search providers who sell expensive, time-consuming, hard-to-implement software or SaaS services, SLI Systems focuses on superior service and great relevance for visitors, and helps drive deep insights on user behavior. This offers analytics consultants a true partner in achieving customer success.
  • Technology Solution Providers - For companies providing technology solutions to E-Commerce sites, Learning Search from SLI Systems complements these products/services by delivering better site search relevance, higher conversions, and a better user experience. Unlike other site search providers, whose solutions are costly and difficult to integrate with complementary technology, SLI Systems is quick to implement and can easily share data with our partner's products, providing a more cost-effective solution and a better overall customer experience. We work well with our partners on behalf of clients.
  • Search Marketing Agencies - For search marketing agencies continuously working to increase the volume and quality of traffic to their clients' sites via paid and organic search, Learning Search from SLI Systems enables site visitors to easily find what they are looking for once they arrive, which improves overall conversion and increases site revenue. Unlike other site search solutions with high costs, limited features, and poor relevance, Learning Search from SLI Systems delivers the most relevant results while at the same time delivering SEO and SEM benefits for the agency. This includes keyword discovery for PPC campaigns and the optional Site Champion service for automated long-tail SEO.

SLI Partnership Programs

  • SLI Referral Program - Earn commission fees by referring your customers and prospects to SLI Systems. Sign up now for the Referral Partner Program. If you are already a referral partner, you can submit referrals by logging onto the Partner Portal. If you are an existing partner and do not have portal access, please contact our partner team at
  • SLI Reseller Program - Make site search an important element of your company's core value proposition. Become an SLI reseller, and integrate site search into your existing sales process. To learn more, contact our partner management team at

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