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Video Testimonials

Harry & David
Gourmet food & gifts – IR Top 500 Retailer

Harry & David Video

7% increase in conversions with SLI
“Fiscal year to date, the Site Champion product has contributed an extra $437,000 (in revenue).” – Cameron Gabriel, E-commerce Manager, Harry & David


Internet Retailer
Leading e-commerce intelligence resource

Internet Retailer Video

3 million search page views per year
“You want to pick partners that are going to help you always improve. And I have found that with SLI.” – Molly Rogers, CEO & President, Internet Retailer


UK's leading online source for LED lighting products

LED Hut Video

35% decrease in bounce rate
"Since we've implemented SLI, we've seen a dramatic improvement in our KPI's. (Our) conversion rate is 2x higher when customers use site search." – Keith Scott, Marketing Director, LED Hut


Thompson & Morgan
Leading UK seed & plants retailer

Thompson & Morgan Video

SLI site search visitors generate 47% of total site revenue
“(SLI) rose to the challenge and came up with a great solution… the Garden Plant Finder.” – Clare Dixey, E-commerce Manager, Thompson & Morgan


Zachys Wine & Liquor
Premium wine retailer

Zachys Wine & Liquor Video

10x higher conversion rate for customers using SLI Rich Auto Complete
“Everything between the home page and the checkout goes through SLI Systems.” – Victor Castro, Director of E-commerce, Zachys Wine & Liquor


Leading UK ski & sporting goods retailer

Snow+Rock Video

2x increase in time spent on site by visitors using search
“What we can see very clearly is that customers who use search convert at a rate which is three to four times greater than those customers who don’t use site search.” – David Kohn, Head of Multichannel, Snow+Rock


Silver Star Brands
Parent company of five online brands – IR Top 500 Retailer

Silver Star Brands Video

80% of visitors use site search
“We can trust (SLI) and we know that our search will be working on a daily basis.” – Lisa Dahlke, Web Operations Manager, Silver Star Brands


Chemist Direct
Leading UK online provider of health, pharmacy, beauty and prescription products

Chemist Direct Video

175% higher conversion rates among customers using search
“The 12% of our customers using site search now contribute 45% of our turnover.” – Stephen Lovell, Chief Information Officer, Chemist Direct


JAM Paper
Office supply manufacturer

JAM Paper Video

3.5x higher conversion rate for site search users
“That increased conversion rate on the people searching more than pays for the price of SLI.” – Andrew Jacobs, Director of E-commerce, JAM Paper


3Rivers Archery
Experts in traditional archery bows and arrows

3Rivers Archery Video

“They’re always listening. It’s very easy to send them an email and get a response right away.” – Johnathan Karch, Director of E-Commerce, 3Rivers Archery


Leading yarn specialty store

WEBS Video

“Seventy percent of our customers find what they’re looking for within the first five products that are presented, so we know that Learning Search is working.” – Steve Elkins, Co-owner, WEBS


King Arthur Flour
America’s oldest flour company

King Arthur Flour Video

“(With SLI) Search has jumped from 17% of our revenue to almost 50% of our revenue.” – Jeff Wilcox, E-commerce Producer, King Arthur Flour